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By John G. Webster (Editor)

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Greatly revised and carefully up to date, this renowned textual content de-emphasizes excessive point arithmetic in want of potent, exact modeling. Real-world examples magnify the speculation and convey the way to use derived equations to version actual difficulties. workouts that parallel the examples construct readers' self assurance and get ready them to confront the extra complicated events they stumble upon as pros.

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ASSISTIVE DEVICES FOR MOTOR DISABILITIES 709 Feeding Devices There is a high degree of motivation for people to learn to feed themselves. S. population indicates that the population indicates that the population that would benefit from well-designed feeding aids may be as high as half a million. There are commercially available feeders that are useful for people who have controlled movements of the head and neck and can take food off of a feeding utensil that is brought close to the mouth. , Pequannock, NJ) are two such examples.

Body-Powered Manipulators Another example of a telethesis is the Chameleon (78), a wheelchair-mounted, counterbalanced, electromechanical arm. The arm’s end point is controlled and/or powered by a 710 ASSISTIVE DEVICES FOR MOTOR DISABILITIES Figure 4. A feeding device designed at the University of Pennsylvania (76). (a) CAD model and (b) photograph of the prototyped feeder. functional body part of the user, via Bowden cables and/or an electric motor. The system consists of three main components: 1.

H. F. M. Van der Loos, S. J. Michalowski, and L. J. Leifer, Development of an omnidirectional mobile vocational assistant robot. In Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. Association Advanced Rehab. , Montreal, June 1988. 42. R. Walli, DOE technology to develop TRANSROVR—omnidirectional wheelchair, DOE News Brief, October 10, 1996. 43. H. Hoyer, The OMNI wheelchair, Service Robot, 1 (1): 26–29, 1995. 715 44. M. West and H. Asada, A method for designing ball wheels for omni-directional vehicles, 1995 ASME Design Eng.

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