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By Craig Lancaster

Edward Stanton is a guy hurtling headlong towards heart age. His psychological sickness has led him to be sequestered in his small apartment in a small urban, the place he retains his distance from the surface global and the fogeys from whom he's mostly estranged. For the main half, Edward sticks to objects he can count number on...and issues he can count number. yet over the process 25 days (or six hundred hours, as Edward prefers to examine it) a number of occasions puncture the partitions Edward has equipped round himself. finally, he faces a decision: Open his lifestyles to adventure and take care of the thrill and heartaches that include it, or stay at the back of his closed door, a solitary soul

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My father had told me time and time again he had no patience for electric things, as he called them. He told me to put my time to better use. But this radio, it had mystery. What it was doing in a hayloft, I don’t know. When I was fourteen I took a book on electronics out of the library and began to fidget with all the black and red snaked wires I could find in my house. I became fascinated with tangles. I took apart my alarm clock and put it back together. I took apart the telephone and put it back together.

I’ll be back,” I say, and when Rebecca offers to go with me, I tell her no. I walk away from the game, down the beach, feeling the sand seep into the lace holes of my tennis shoes. It grits cool between my toes and forms a second sole beneath my foot. Standing straight, I shade my eyes and wonder how far out you have to be to see Hawaii. Or for that matter, how many miles off the California coast you must be before you can see land. Oliver said once that at certain places south of San Diego you can see whales from the coast, without binoculars.

My mother holds both of Uncle Joley’s hands. She is crying. Uncle Joley lifts her chin with his finger and then she puts her arms around his neck. My mother tries to smile, she really tries. Then Uncle Joley points somewhere I can’t see and claps my father on the back. He propels my father out of my range of vision. My father turns his head. He tries to catch a glimpse of my mother, whom he has left behind. Sam and my mother stand inches apart. They do not touch each other. I get the feeling that if they did, a blue spark would appear.

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