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By Fred Saberhagen

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# S2068. "How to avoid wasting the realm via intercourse and sin! " (except for one little challenge ---) one hundred sixty pages.

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Camilla's husky voice was just as he'd remembered it—almost, he thought, with a deep sense of the incongruous, like Mae West's. She was about six inches shorter than Jake, and yeah, she was really built as nicely as he remembered. " "Hell, I'll make it. I always do, when I say I will. " She paused, and with the dark glasses it was hard to tell what she was thinking. " She paused again. " Something was different about Camilla today, as if she'd come to some kind of a decision. The kiss was everything Jake had been imagining, hoping and praying for, for the last week.

Too much time? " "No. That's not what I mean. Too much time is what Edgar says when I ask him about—about some funny things that happen down here. At first I didn't know what he meant by too much time. But lately I can understand-—I think. " Then she smiled nervously at the expression that must have been growing on Jake's face. "I'm not crazy, lover. " "Okay. " Actually the suspicion had very recently been born. But he wasn't really worried about it yet. "Thank God," said Camilla, and once more turned to lead the way up along the trail beside the creek.

Anyway someone recommended us to the old lady, and she insisted on calling us in, and he tends to humor her, as I suppose is usual among people with wealthy aunts. Is that a fair way to put the situation, Joe'"' Keogh only squinted, in a way that Maria Torres took to mean he wasn't entirely sure. He glanced at Strangeways, who gave him a moody look in return, but no comment. "Mrs. " Bill asked, when no one else seemed eager to talk. "Not in any of the hotels," Joe Keogh explained. "There's a building called the Tyrrell House, a little bit west of here, right on the rim.

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