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The full programmer's advisor to C good fortune. potency assistance and methods for debugging C courses and enhancing their velocity, reminiscence utilization, and clarity. whole assurance of disk documents together with sequential entry, textual content, binary and random entry. assurance of the internals of the normal header records: variable, figuring out the prototypes, and specified programming concerns.

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The typical error message is that an object was undefined (the message provides the name of the object). Don’t confuse the linker’s use of the word defined with the C compiler’s use of it: The linker doesn’t use the word defined in exactly the same way as the compiler uses it. When ANSI C uses the modifier static, its meaning changes depending on the context of how it is used. To help you understand the differences, the following section describes variables and their scope and life span. Variables Variables make it all happen.

Fortunately, however, because the compiler initializes static variables (to zero), the preceding function works and adds nType to nTest every time the function is called. If the function were called enough times, it is likely that nTest would not be capable of holding the constantly increasing sum, and that an integer overflow would occur. A fatal error? Perhaps, but on most implementations, integer overflow isn’t caught as an error, and on these systems (and compilers), this error doesn’t cause any warning messages to be displayed to the user.

The reason is that only one source file is in this program; therefore, nLife had to be visible in only one file. Whenever possible, remember to make your external variables static: If they are known in only one source file, they are much less likely to be modified unintentionally by another function in a different source file. Type Casting This chapter has referred to type casting, but what is a cast? A cast is C’s way of converting a variable of one type to another type. This topic is very important when 41 Part I • Honing Your C Skills errors and misuse of a variable’s types occur.

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