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By George Klay Kieh, Jr.

Globalization isn't really a brand new phenomenon within the overseas method evidenced by way of a few of the efforts which were remodeled the final a number of centuries to set up a so-called 'global village' with a number of spheres - cultural, financial, ecological, political, social - and so forth. even if, many of the levels of globalization have had divergent scope, actors, dimensions and dynamics. that's, all the stages of globalization might be differentiated utilizing the aforementioned markers. by contrast heritage, this ebook specializes in the 'new globalization' a section that emerged while the chilly conflict ended. between different issues, the recent globalization is the main expansive and technological complex of the entire stages of globalization. for instance, the hot globalization has witnessed the combination of just about all states of the area and non-state actors into the worldwide capitalist method. the ensuing effects have differed from kingdom to state and sector to zone. during this vein, this publication identifies many of the frontier concerns in Africa - debt, human rights, improvement, nation sovereignty, the surroundings, democratization, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and communications - which are being impacted through the dynamics of this new globalization.

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These two critical areas help enable the core states to continue the penetration and control of the economies of the peripheral states. The decision-making system is controlled and dominated by the core states. For example, they design and enforce the “rules” of the system. Essentially, the “rules” are designed to maintain the dominant positions of the core states. Also, under the “international division of labor,” the core states produce manufactured goods; the semi-peripheral states and the transitional states produce some manufactured goods and the peripheral states produce raw materials – agricultural products, minerals and oil.

The original and continuing fundamental of economic globalization is trade (Waters, 1995, p. 66). Trade is continuously linking together geographically distant producers and consumers, often establishing a relationship of identification as well as interdependence between them (Waters, 1995, p. 66). Also, the volume of trade continues to burgeon. 4 trillion (World Trade Organization, 2006, p. 1). However, despite the phenomenal increases in the volume of trade, the interaction still remains unfair, unjust and exploitative.

3 billion (Rosen, 2005, p. 3). Hollywood is the fulcrum of American domination of the The New Globalization: Scope, Nature and Dimensions 17 global movies industry, As Lee (2005, p. ” Lord Putnam (1999, p. 1) provides an excellent summation of American suzerainty in the global film market: I think it’s unarguable to assert that American movies now dominate the world’s cinema screens. Walk through the downtown streets of just any city in the world and the paraphernalia of advertising is dominated by giant ads for “Event” movies, Star Wars, Matrix and the Austin Powers sequel.

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