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By William R. Hess, Peter G. Howell, Daniel W. Verwoerd

Bluetongue can be defined as an acute insect borne illness of ruminants, manifested clinically in sheep via a catarrhal irritation of the mucous mem­ branes of the digestive and breathing structures and linked to degenerative alterations within the skeletal musculature. The profound emaciation and weak point which stick to the extreme ailment are accountable for a chronic convalescence and for severe fiscal losses as a result of reduced productiveness. II. historic throughout the early colonisation of Africa, weak Merino and different eu breeds of sheep have been brought into the Cape, first and foremost by means of the Dutch East India corporation among 1652 and 1785 and back later in 1870. A file of the livestock and Sheep ailments fee (1876) files the looks of a major febrile disorder among those imported sheep within which either morbidity and mortality used to be excessive (cited through HENNING, 1949). HuTCHEON (1881) gave this disorder the identify of "Fever" or "Epizootic Catarrh", to be able to distinguish it from different medical stipulations of an analogous nature encountered among sheep. within the first com­ prehensive description of this scientific syndrome and its epizootiology HuTCHEON (1902) stated it as "Malarial Catarrhal Fever of Sheep", a designation which was once evidently motivated by means of the unsuitable trust that an intracorpuscular parasite used to be the first reason for the disorder. extra systematic experiences have been performed by means of SPREULL (1902; 1905), who endeavoured to immunize sheep by way of the simultaneous inoculation of immune serum and infective blood.

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