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By M. Tim Jones

The aim of this e-book is to demystify the concepts linked to the sector of synthetic intelligence. It covers either the speculation and the sensible functions to coach builders how one can practice AI options of their personal designs.

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If the declarator omits the array size, the size is determined by counting the number of values in the initializer. An array initializer can be empty, to force all elements to be initialized to zero. If the initializer is empty, the array size must be specified. Omitting the initializer entirely causes all elements of the array to be uninitialized (except non-POD types, which are initialized with their default constructors). In the following example the size of vec is set to 3 because its initializer contains three elements, and the elements of zero are initialized to zeros because an empty initializer is used: int vec[] = { 1, 2, 3 }; // array of three elements 54 // vec[0]==1 ...

A program has a single global namespace, which is shared by all source files that are compiled and linked into the program. Declarations in the global namespace are typically referred to as global declarations. " Namespace Aliases A namespace alias is a synonym for an existing namespace. You can use an alias name to qualify names (with the :: operator) in using declarations and directives, but not in namespace definitions. Example 2-17 shows some alias examples. Example 2-17: Using namespace aliases.

The standard library uses them frequently, for example: typedef std::basic_string > string; See also Example 2-11, under "Function pointers," later in this chapter. A typedef does not create a new type, the way class and enum do. It simply declares a new name for an existing type. Therefore, function declarations for which the parameters differ only as typedefs are not actually different declarations. The two function declarations in the following example are really two declarations of the same function: typedef unsigned int uint; uint func(uint); unsigned func(unsigned); // two declarations of the // same function Similarly, because you cannot overload an operator on fundamental types, you cannot overload an operator on typedef synonyms for fundamental types.

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