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By Barry G. Adams

This e-book offers an advent to using algebraic equipment and sym­ bolic computation for easy quantum platforms with purposes to massive order perturbation thought. it's the first publication to combine Lie algebras, algebraic perturbation concept and symbolic computation in a kind compatible for college kids and researchers in theoretical and computational chemistry and is with ease divided into components. the 1st half, Chapters 1 to six, offers a pedagogical creation to the real Lie algebras so(3), so(2,1), so(4) and so(4,2) wanted for the research of straightforward quantum structures resembling the D-dimensional hydrogen atom and harmonic oscillator. This fabric is appropriate for complex undergraduate and starting graduate scholars. Of specific significance is using so(2,1) in bankruptcy four as a spectrum producing algebra for numerous very important platforms equivalent to the non-relativistic hydrogen atom and the relativistic Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations. This method offers a fascinating and critical substitute to the standard textbook technique utilizing sequence strategies of differential equations.

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Let ml be the smallest value of m and let m2 be the largest value of m. Then J+tPAm2 = 0 and J_ tPAml = 0 which will be the case if AAm2 = 0 and B Aml = O. 16) ml and m2 satisfy A - ml(ml - 1) = 0 and A - m2(m2 + 1) = O. Eliminating A gives (ml +m2)(ml -m2 -1) = 0 so either ml = -m2 or ml = m2 + 1. The latter case is impossible since ml ~ m2. If we let j = m2 then ml = -j and A = j(j + 1). Since m2 - ml = 2j must be a non-negative integer (J+ and L raise or lower m in unit steps) it follows that the J3 eigenvalue spectra are Sj = {m = -j,-j + 1, ...

Realizations of so(2,1) These realizations are sufficiently general for our purposes. In fact we shall use a = 1 for the hydrogen atom and a = 2 for the harmonic oscillator. 27) was used. 56). 18) 1 - a2 Solving for k gives k T+~=k(k+1). 23) have the form q = qo +1', with lowest eigenvalue qo I' = k + 1, = 0,1,2, ... k>-1. 61) 50 Chapter 4. Representations and Realizations of so(2,1) Before considering the general case of so(2,1) as a spectrum generating algebra for simple quantum systems and the generalization to D-dimensional cases we show how so(2,1) can be used to obtain the energy levels for the two most important cases: the 3-dimensional hydrogen atom and the 3-dimensional isotropic harmonic oscillator.

23) The "double bar" matrix elements are called reduced matrix elements. They cannot be evaluated unless further algebraic or physical properties of S are known. 18) ]2 is a scalar operator with reduced matrix elements (jIIJ2 1Ij) = j(j + 1). 25) where the summation over repeated indices is implied. 7. Selection Rules for a Vector Operator 31 operator. 24) also show that rand p are vector operators. We now obtain several identities relating J and V which will be used to determine matrix elements of components of V.

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