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By Ian Stewart, David Tall

First released in 1979 and written by means of exclusive mathematicians with a distinct reward for exposition, this publication is now on hand in a very revised 3rd version. It displays the fascinating advancements in quantity idea prior to now twenty years that culminated within the evidence of Fermat's final Theorem. meant as a top point textbook, it's also eminently proper as a textual content for self-study.

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The series converges uniformly with respect to 8. Thus we may multiply by cosn0 or sinno and integrate term by term. Thus J 2n U(r, e) cos ne dB = 0 St' u,rn cos2 no d8 = nu,rn. lnrn, n > 0; also, J:" U(r, 0 ) de Hence a,rn = (a, 1 + i@,)rn= n = 2nao. 1 2n o V ( r , 8)e-in0dB, n >0 and Thus + Note, I u [ u = 0 for u < 0. 92{f(o)}, 0 This may be improved as follows. Write a, = a, + i&, = 1 a, 1 eien; 42 111. 1 Theorem. Then for 0 5 r < R U ( r , 0) = - R2 - r2 R2- 2Rr cos(8 - #J)+ r2 U ( R , 4) d$.

As before, write n n p,= m-1 (1 + a , ) I. , Pn approaches a (nonzero) limit. 1 - zr=l We see that this limit cannot be zero, since if 1 a, I converges and 1, the series 1 a,/(l a,) 1 converges. Thus the product + a, zrXl + approaches a limit, but this product is l/Pn, thus limn+ooP, # 0. 6 Theorem. A necessary and sufficient condition for the convergence of the infinite product n,"=l(l a,), a, complex, is the convergence of Cr'=l log(1 a,) where each log has its principal value. + + Proof. Write s, = c log(l + n a,).

0, the product is said to diverge to zero. It is necessary that a, 0 since P,,= P,-l a,,Pn-, , but clearly not suficient since (l/n)) diverges yet a, --+ 0. 2 Theorem. If a, 2 0 for all n, then verge or diverge together. n:=,(l+ a,) and C =:, --f a,? con- Proof. We note that P, is a nondecreasing function of n (since each term is greater than or equal to one). Thus P,, either converges or approaches 00. We have + and if P,, is bounded, then Cy=,ai is bounded. Also, if exp(C%, ai}is bounded, and thus P,, is bounded.

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