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By Mott N.F.

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The data given here are for the disordered phase. 8 Use of the composition variables x and y does not appear to be consistent in the literature. 5 shows the variation of direct band gap with lattice parameter for two alloy systems: (GaAs)y (InAs)1−y = Gay In1−y As and (GaP)y (InP)1−y = Gay In1−y P. 55 µm). 3 AlGaInP on GaAs (red emission) The Ga:In ratio controls the lattice parameter of GaInP and can be adjusted to provide a lattice match or to build, intentionally, a small amount of tensile or compressive strain into the layer, but this cannot be done independently of the band gap.

For each gain spectrum the gain reaches a peak value, and this is the photon energy at which laser action occurs in a simple Fabry–Perot device. The peak gain depends upon the quasi-Fermi level separation and should be distinguished from the maximum gain at full inversion. 1) and the whole system can be described by a Fermi function with a uniform Fermi level, sometimes called a global Fermi level. 6 still applies, even when these are not given by Fermi functions. 2). 6) by a waveguide in the structure; and (3) to provide optical feedback of the laser light within a cavity.

20z 2 eV. 2 eV relative to lattice-matched InGaAs? 4 The planar waveguide The slab waveguide in the structure of Fig. 8 plays a crucial role in the operation of the device because it controls the overlap of the laser mode with the gain material that drives the stimulated emission and it determines the divergence of the beam on leaving the laser, which is important for coupling into external elements such as fibre. It provides the connection between the gain generated by the gain medium and the amplification experienced by the laser mode.

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