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By W. Ennis

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I, 121. , loc. tit. (6) Ewing: The Steam Engine, 1906. (7) Wormell, Thermodynamics. SYNOPSIS OF CHAPTER IV at constant volume; other capacities. Specific thermal capacities; at constant pressure, Atomic heat = specific heat X atomic weight; molecular heat. common gases are approximately equal. volumetric specific heats of The * Mean specific heat EegnauWs law = 77" T ; true specific heat = (JTT -; t aT real and apparent specific heats. 36 ; significance of R. 0055 B. t. u. for E all gases. /, J?.

Per sq. ) F. Find its is heated at con- pressure after heating. , 6. 03 Ib. per sq. ) F. Find the pressure. 7. Find values of R for hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen. ) Find the volume of three pounds of hydrogen at 15 Ib. pressure per square inch and 75 F. 8 cu. ) 9. Find the temperature of 2 ounces of hydrogen contained in a 1-gallon flask and exerting a pressure of 10,000 Ib. per square inch. ) 8. , Compute the value of r (Art. 52). ) Find the mean molecular velocity of l Ib. of air (considered as a perfect gas) at atmospheric pressure and 70 F.

Thermodynamic Coordinates. The condition of a body being fully defined by its pressure, volume, and temperature, its state may be represented on a geometrical diagram in winch these properties are used as This graphical method of analysis, developed by Clapeyron, coordinates. now in universal use. The necessity for three coordinates presupposes the use of analytical geometry of three dimensions, and representations may then be shown perspectively as related to one of the eight corners of a cube; but the projections on any of the three adjacent cube faces are is and since any two of three properties fix the third when the characteristic equation is known, a protective representation is suffiSince internal energy is a cardinal property (Arts.

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