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After conducting assault landings on the coast of southern France in August 1944, the small army had chased a significantly larger force northward; but, much to the chagrin of his commanders, Patch had been ordered not to cross the Rhine, even though his divisions were among the first Allied units to reach its banks. In November the Seventh Army had been the Western Front’s leading Allied ground gainer. Yet, when Patton’s Third Army found its offensive foundering, Patch, again following orders, had sent a corps northward to attack the 38 yyyyyyy ;;;;;;; ;;;;;;; yyyyyyy ;;;;;;; yyyyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;; yyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;; yyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;; yyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy ;;;;;; yyyyyy G E R A N Y Landau L au M t er R XC Corps LXXXIX Corps 1 JAN 559th Vg Div Mod 257th Vg Div 256th Vg Div 361st Vg Div TF HUDELSON V Wissembourg 79th Inf Div W Lauterbourg XXXIX Corps 21st Pz Div 25th PG Div 6th SS Mtn Div er 16 JAN R 47th Inf Div Ro th E Hatten Rittershoffen 36th Vg Div b ac r hi 24 JAN 45th Inf Div ve LO S 45th Inf Div Ri 2 JAN O S ne 6th SS Mtn Div G E R Bitche 10th SS Pz Div 25th PG Div h 24 JAN 103d Inf Div 7th Prcht Div Haguenau 16 JAN 10th SS Pz Div I Corps 24 JAN 79th Inf Div Zorn R 21st Pz Div 36th Inf Div MAR NE-R 24 JAN Herrlisheim CANAL HINE TF HE R 31 TF X REN DE LIN C D EN TH N VE XXX ST E S X FIR FR e Ri v 553d Vg Div(+) er in XIV SS Corps Rh ALG 3d Div Gambsheim 5 JAN STRASBOURG Siegfried Line’s southern flank, an operational lever designed to assist Patton’s attack.

Brooks’ VI Corps did the same, stripping its Lauterbourg and Rhine fronts and throwing in Task Force Herren, combat engineers converted to infantry, and units of the 45th and 75th Infantry Divisions to plug holes or block routes out of the Low Vosges. 42 Left to right: Maj. Gen. J. Lawton Collins, Field Marshal Sir Bernard L. Montgomery, and Maj. Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway. (National Archives) While units fought for twisted roads and mountain villages in subfreezing temperatures, Obstfelder’s First Army committed the 6th SS Mountain Division to restart the advance on the Saverne Gap.

Unwilling to weaken his western flank now that his reserve had been committed, Montgomery seemed more prone to let the VII Corps 44 attack from its present positions northwest of St. Vith. Eisenhower raised the issue of committing the British 30 Corps. But having deactivated units to rebuild the corps for use in his projected Rhineland offensive, Montgomery agreed to move it across the Meuse to assume Collins’ vacated front, a transfer that would not be completely accomplished until 2 January. From there, the 30 Corps would conduct limited supporting attacks.

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