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Armas a escala 1:1 КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ Приёмы моделирования оружия в масштабе 1:1. В книге представлены: Western forty four Colt military 1860; Mauser 1896; Walter P-38; Colt AR-15 M-16 и ISST-Blaster из фильма "Blade Runner"Издательство: Accion PressСерия: Modelismo y dioramas 30Язык: ИспанскийОбъём: 22 стр.Формат: PDFРазмер: 14,2 sixty eight

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When the scope of theoretical analysis is broadened to encompass complementary theories, framing and discussion, it may be possible to use such ideas in a subsequent appraisal of the fundamental issues underpinning military negotiation. It may be the case that, while the context may be different, there may be pertinent similarities between key problems arising from the process of negotiation per se, and the fundamental structure, and key facets of, military negotiation. Therefore, attention must now be given to theories of negotiation originating from proximate disciplines to accomplish an ultimate analysis of tactical-level military negotiation factors.

Why don’t they move towards it faster? 40 The military and negotiation 30 Sociological models thus suggest the importance of context and threat. Their hypothesis is that negotiators are affected by the context within which they operate, and by their own personal norms and values. Furthermore, sociological theorists emphasise the likelihood of the threat move, or the implicit use of force within any negotiation. The suggestion is that the use of threats, or competitiveness, proves irresistible to any negotiator wishing to influence the other.

An excessive focus to date on single-variable explanations of the negotiating process, often reflecting a single discipline (such as a focus on power in political scientists’ models, or personality in psychologists’ models and so on), appear limiting in scope when applied to a specific, or ‘real-world’, negotiation context. 3 The inherent predicament in any attempt to define the essential issues and problems influencing the negotiation process is the difficulty in establishing precisely what those problems are in the first place, why certain decisions are made in particular contexts, and what might be the driving factors for the personalities involved in a negotiating situation.

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