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By Evelyn A. Schlatter

During the final 3rd of the 20 th century, white supremacists moved, either actually and within the collective mind's eye, from hour of darkness rides via Mississippi to broadband-wired cabins in Montana. yet whereas rural Montana will be at the geographical edge of the rustic, white supremacist teams weren't driven there, and they're faraway from "fringe parts" of society, as many american citizens wish to think. Evelyn Schlatter's startling research describes what percentage of the hot white supremacist teams within the West have co-opted the region's mythology and setting according to longstanding ideals approximately American personality and show up future to form an natural, home-grown movement.

Dissatisfied with the urbanized, culturally revolutionary coasts, disenfranchised via affirmative motion and immigration, white supremacists have came upon new wish within the previous excellent of the West as a land of chance ready to be settled by means of self-reliant conventional households. a few even envision the quarter as a possible white place of birth. teams resembling Aryan international locations, The Order, and Posse Comitatus use arguable matters comparable to affirmative motion, anti-Semitism, immigration, and faith to create sympathy for his or her extremist perspectives between mainstream whites—while delivering a "solution" within the renowned belief of the West as a spot of freedom, chance, and get away from smooth society. Aryan Cowboys exposes the exclusionist message of this "American" excellent, whereas documenting its risky appeal.

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The service economy entered high gear during the 1920s. Women finally 01-T3862 8/21/06 12:59 PM Page 26 26 aryan cowboys won the right to vote, and suddenly generations of youth discovered life away from nuclear families and farms as a shifting economy opened urban service and factory jobs. Times like these, which involve rapid social and economic change, are ripe for right-wing movements and groups because rightist ideology rests on the premise that change is “bad” and to cure social ills, it is best to return to “traditional” values—that is, a social hierarchy that places white men at the apex.

83 The Klan gained prominence again in the wake of World War I, riding a wave of revisionist sympathy for the Confederacy and a profound sense of discontent and anxiety among many American residents. The Klan in the 1920s was not primarily a Southern terrorist organization. It branched out and preached a mutifaceted program based on “100 percent Americanism” (native-born white Protestant Americans) and militant Protestantism, and it enlisted recruits in every section of the country. 84 The Klan became a movement that transcended rural, and often class, boundaries in pursuit of local and national issues.

Smith moved to New York after the election and created the Committee of One Million, dedicated to combating the evils of the New Deal and communism. Unsuccessful in New York, Smith moved to Detroit, where he met Henry Ford, though the full extent of the pair’s relationship remains historically unclear.

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