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By Allan W. M. Bonnick

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With pulse width control the transistor is switched on and off at fairly high frequency. The use of pulse width modulation (PWM) can reduce the heating effect in the solenoid of the device (injector) that is being operated. Fig. 6(a) Duty cycle control of a mixture control solenoid 48 The Computer ECM Fig. 7 Computer memories The term ‘memory chip’ derives from the fact that most computer memories are circuits that are made on a silicon chip. Automotive computers use memory chips that are very similar to those used in personal computers.

There are three areas of computer control. If we examine these in detail we shall find that for their operation they rely on well tried devices, such as solenoids and valves. The three items are: 1. fuel quantity (spill control) 2. injection timing control 3. idle speed control. 34 shows a cross-section of a rotary-type fuel injection pump. The high pressure pump chamber that produces the several hundred bars of pressure Fig. 33 Computer controlled diesel engine system Computer controlled diesel engine management systems 35 Fig.

The wheel spin stops; there is a risk of brakes overheating; the brakes are applied for any reason; traction control is not selected. 8 Stability control The capabilities of traction control can be extended to include actions that improve the handling characteristics of a vehicle, particularly when a vehicle is being driven round a corner. The resulting system is often referred to as ‘stability control’. 27 shows two scenarios. In Fig. 27(a) the vehicle is understeering. In effect it is trying to continue straight ahead and the driver needs to apply more steering effect in order to get round the bend.

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